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We identify vulnerabilities in your IT Landscape and recommend steps to fortify your critical business assets

Are Your Customers Secure?

Secure your  
passwords, profiles, and data.

How Secure is Your Data?

Secure access to your premise or cloud based data and applications.

How Secure are Your Endpoints?

will help secure your devices.

Is Your Security Management Effective?

Validate your hardware, software controls are up to date

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How can you prevent a breach?

Identify and repair gaps in your Cyber Defense. Nearly all cyber attacks are the result of exploiting known vulnerabilities. Automated tools and scanners are the start to any penetration testing, but they have limitations and often miss the more subtle and high-impact risks. The amount of manual testing is another easy way to identify potential quality issues with the offered penetration test. A quality penetration testing will be largely a manual, deep-dive review process – upwards of 90%, in our case. 


Determine which systems and networks will be assessed


Identify application & network vulnerabilities


Probe and exploit vulnerabilities through Penetration testing


Actionable remediation steps needed to stay protected

Why Us?

Elite Ethical Hackers – global team of certified digital warriors
Actionable Steps to help strengthen your critical assets
Regulatory Compliance & Cyber Insurance “due diligence” 

Vulnerability Testing

Also known as vulnerability scan, this type of testing identifies systems and network configurations that could expose the customer to a breach of the network and critical systems. Systems are scanned for improper configurations; missing security software patches; unnecessary services and protocols; and vulnerabilities related to clear text protocols, coding and/or applications. Then recommendations to securing the environment are provided.

Penetration Testing

This testing determines if unauthorized access to applications data, and/or network can be achieved. The scope of the project can vary greatly, depending upon the desired level of information.  

Web Penetration Testing

Web applications are probed, and testing identifies vulnerabilities such as coding flaws, buffer overflows, cross site scripting, SQL injection, broken access control and authentication, improper error handling, insecure storage and insecure configuration management. Recommendations for securing the environment are provided

Mobile Penetration Testing

Whether your organisation develops mobile apps or relies on the use of mobile applications or devices to perform critical functions across the workplace, The Cyber Batman can help you identify and address vulnerabilities that could lead to assets and data being compromised.

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Why conduct a cyber security assessments?

Discover Hidden System Vulnerabilities Before Criminals Do

Save Remediation Costs and Reduces Network Downtime

Develop Efficient Security Measures for possible intrusions

Enable Compliance with Security Regulations (HIPPA, PCI DSS, NIST)

Detailed Reporting that offers actionable insights so you can start planning for the future. Preserve Company’s Image and Customer Loyalty 

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