Our Mission

Help organizations be more proactive in cyber security to avoid financial losses, fines, business interruptions, customer attrition, and brand damage.

The Cyber Batman  – who are we?

We focus on people and technology. We are a global team of passionate professionals who are committed to improving cyber security for our clients.

Each team member has a huge opportunity to make a big impact, and together, as distributed and connected team, we support each other in every area of the company to help our clients fortify their information security assets.

Raymond Elias

Raymond Elias

Chief Hacking Officer

The World’s Most capable Ethical Hacker is on your side – Raymond Elias (Cyber Batman). Raymond is a seasoned Ethical Hacker. Raymond and his global team are your digital warriors in the battle to fortify your organizational security from intruders.

Fakhar Abbas

Fakhar Abbas

Data Scientist

High performing, challenge driven and experienced professional with proven track record of success to lead cross functional teams to meet end objectives.

Providing data science solution to clients for their cost cutting, especially in financial services and banking industry. Successfully delivered 100+ projects, developed in-house products, developed trends and stats analysis site and managing large teams.

A full time machine learning researcher at L3S Research center and PhD student in artificial intelligence at Leibniz Universität Hannover. Research is mainly based on Machine Learning, Data Mining, Spatio-Temporal Data Analytic and Semantic Technologies.


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