How does it work?

D.A.E.R! came from realizing that every successful professional and business i worked with had 4 things in common

1. There was a clear DIRECTION. This might  range from personal goals, to career goals, to a personal brand , to a business vision. The common element here is that everyone is heading the same way with the same intent

2. Effort had been put into building ALIGNMENTThis includes aligning actions, time allocation, KPIs, reward and recognition and even learning. I liken it to using a magnet to align iron filings

3. Strategies were in place to build and sustain ENGAGEMENTThis is what keeps people passionate and resilient to maintain true to the DIRECTION. This applies equally to ourselves as well as all stakeholders; clients, staff, suppliers, family etc.

4. There is a clear understanding of the RESULTS being aimed for. These are the KPIs which not only help us recognize success but help us to control our world – personal and professional and help mark the milestones and small wins.

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