Cyber Security Assessment

Web Application Security Assessment

A web application’s security assessment will allow us to analyze the critical components of a Web-based portal, e-commerce application, or Web platform. Using manual techniques and hundreds of appropriate tools the assessment pinpoints specific vulnerabilities and identifies underlying problems. The analysis integrates detailed vulnerability and countermeasure information for:

• Authentication

• Authorization

• Session management

• Data integrity

• Data confidentiality

• Privacy concerns

Mobile Application Security Assessment

The use of mobile applications has increased ever since the introduction of smartphones and open platforms. The openness of these platforms offers significant opportunities to all parts of the mobile eco-system by delivering the ability for flexible program and service delivery options that may be installed, removed or refreshed multiple times in line with the user’s needs and requirements. However with openness comes responsibility and unrestricted access to mobile resources and APIs by applications of unknown or untrusted origin could result in damage to the user, the device, or the network.If not implemented with proper security architecture, these mobile applications become vulnerable to many critical security vulnerabilities which can jeopardize the confidentiality and integrity of the data being stored and the complete mobile phones.
Cyber Batman offer services in mobile application testing which includes complete source code review, and penetration testing of mobile applications.


Our penetration testing research team leverages manual methods with a vast array of toolsets we’ve developed in-house to provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective testing. We work hand-in-hand with our award-winning Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team to keep apprised of the latest exploits or attempts that are occurring in the marketplace.

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