Penetration TESTING


Our Pen Testers will collaborate with you to customize the scope of the project, which will decide which systems and networks to focus on. Our team of experts will exploit the vulnerabilities that could impact your business as a whole and help you find an appropriate solution

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing aggressively challenges the system – trying to imitate a simulated attack. Penetration Testing complements our web and mobile application security services by manipulating vulnerabilities to your application.

The aim Penetration testing is to exploit vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could contribute to code execution, privilege escalation, information theft, disclosure of information, and other security issues. 

Best efforts are being made to decompile and conduct the application’s static code analysis to identify vulnerable areas of code and specific programming errors.

Phases of Penetration Testing

Most people nowadays usually evaluate the technology or the software itself. A successful testing program must have components that test:

People – to ensure that there is appropriate education and knowledge.
• Process – To ensure that sufficient policies and guidelines are in place and that people know how to implement these policies.
• Technology – To ensure that the process has been implemented effectively.

The test is divided into 2 phases:

Passive mode

The tester attempts to comprehend the logic of the application in the passive mode and plays with the app. For information gathering, tools may be used. For instance, all the HTTP requests and responses can be observed using an HTTP proxy. The tester can recognize all of the application’s access points (gates) at the end of this phase (e.g., HTTP headers, parameters, and cookies).

Active mode

In this phase, the tester starts testing using the approach mentioned in the following sections. For a total of 91 controls, the set of active tests has been divided into 11 subcategories.
• Information Gathering
• Configuration and Deployment Management Testing
• Identity Management Testing
• Authentication Testing
• Authorization Testing
• Session Management Testing
• Input Validation Testing
• Error Handling
• Cryptography
• Business Logic Testing
• Client-Side Testing

It is essential to realize that one pen test does not make the systems secure forever because new vulnerabilities occur in existing systems since technology evolves every day. 

It requires continuous vigilance to provide thorough security, and that is why we concentrate on developing long-term relationships with our customers and not just offering you a vulnerability checklist but ensuring the best possible pen test that offers you with a comprehensive, high-end security solution tailored to your needs.


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