Security CODE Review

Secure Code Assessment

The Source Code Assessment service identifies hidden vulnerabilities, design defects and validates if crucial security measures are implemented. Cyber Batman uses a combination of scanning tools and manual analysis to identify unsafe coding practices, backdoors, injection flaws, cross-site scripting flaws, unauthorized handling of external resources, poor cryptography, etc. Our expert team can quickly evaluate your code and provide you with a report containing all vulnerabilities found during the analysis.

Source code analysis not only identifies which line of code is vulnerable, but is also capable of identifying the corrupted variable that introduces the vulnerability. This gives application developers an overall end-to-end picture of each instance of vulnerability, enabling them to understand the nature of the problem immediately.

Source Code Assessment Process

At CyberBatman, we have developed our own review methodology that uses a hybrid model to pinpoint the difficult-to-find security vulnerabilities using a combination of high-end automated tools and rigorous manual inspection.

Preparation. The first phase in assessing the source code is to carry out a detailed study of the application, followed by the development of a detailed threat profile.

Analysis. Our experts examine the code layout to create a detailed code assessment plan and use a hybrid model where automated scans are verified, and a customized manual analysis is carried out.

Solution. When the code has been analyzed, the next step in the source code assessment process is to verify existing vulnerabilities and generate reports that provide precise solutions. In addition to these, the report will contain an overview of your coding practices and recommendations for enhancing or modifying them with a focus on cyber defense and security.

Our Code Assessment Team has years of experience in both developing software and performing a secure code assessment. We use a combination of automated and manual assessment to identify and recommend fixes for coding errors that could potentially lead to serious security issues.

When the code review is finished, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of design and code-level security vulnerabilities as well as remedial measures to improve the overall development process.


Our penetration testing research team leverages manual methods with a vast array of toolsets we’ve developed in-house to provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective testing. 

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